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After nearly three decades of migrating between MN and CA, we decided we needed to reinvent ourselves. We have spent our married life as commercial beekeepers, summers were spent in Minnesota producing honey and winters were in the Central Valley of California pollinating almonds, cherries and apples. Thus Menagrie Greens Inc. was born, an aquaponics system for growing organic vegetables and fish.

In 2006 our three children were ready for public school and wanting the kids to have the small town values and to know that Minnesota is home, Caroline and the kids began staying in Minnesota year round where access to fresh produce in the winter is limited.

After many Youtube vidoes and Aquaponics books, Tim traveled to a Mother Earth News Fair where he met an Aquaponic dealer. In December of 2014 he traveled to San Marcos, Texas to spend two weeks training with Lily Pad Farms. The Aquaponic journey had begun!

In June of 2016 after months of hard work Menagerie Greens Inc. started selling produce at the local farmers market and online at Local Harvest Market. We are continuing to learn and experiment with different produce and microgreens.

Tim and Caroline's goal is to provide Central Minnesota with high quality, locally grown, organic produce year round.

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